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For families seeking a path to togetherness amidst the complexities of separation.

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Bridging Hearts and Building Bonds.

Welcome to Equitable Divorce, where we believe in the power of unity during life's most challenging moments. Our website is dedicated to helping families navigate divorce with compassion and fairness at its core. We provide a supportive community and a wealth of resources to guide you through this journey

For families seeking a path to togetherness amidst the complexities of separation.


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A New Life Together


Help find common ground and insights to start a new life together. Only takes 3 minutes and an open heart.


PDF Divorce Settlement


Help reach equitable terms and use as basis to file a formal Divorce Agreement. Helps you move from a constested to an uncontested divorce.


Divorce Agreement Filed in Court


(Includes Court Filing Fees)

Formal Divorce Agreement filed in court house and copy sent back for confirmation to both parties.

* Requires DIY Arbitration

To Be Completed First

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about
the Equitable Divorce

An equitable divorce is a legal process that aims to ensure a fair distribution of assets, responsibilities, and custody while prioritizing cooperation and fairness between divorcing parties. It focuses on preserving family unity and minimizing conflict.

Equitable divorce can provide a do it yourself arbitration process to find a fair agreement between spouses. After that we can help generate a formal divorce agreement that can be filed in court or we do that process for you.

Absolutely. Our resources and support are designed to help families at all stages of divorce, whether you're just starting or have encountered challenges along the way. We're here to assist in fostering a more equitable and harmonious process.

Yes our process aims to be able to map to all states and jurisdictions in the United States.

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